UK Police Patches Wants List


These are some of the patches that I need to add to my collection, so if you see any, or have any in your trade box, please get in contact with me so we can work out something.

Happy collecting.



Norfolk Police Traffic Warden patch Northumbria Special Constabulary bell patch Hertfordshire Police rubber patch Essex Police rubber patch


West Midlands Police named body armour patch - type three Kent Police sample patch Northern Constabulary Support Staff patch


Devon & Cornwall Police Air Support Unit 1st type Northamptonshire Police Sample patch


Circular Tayside Police Cadet patch Royal Parks Constabulary patch Sussex Police round patch


Strathcylde Police Commissionaire patch Strathcylde Police Deputy Head Commissionaire patch Strathcylde Police Head Commissionaire patch Essex Police Marine Unit patch


Royal Botanic Gardens Constabulary Wirrel Parks Police East Midlands Air Support Unit named wing Cumbria Constabulary Air Support Unit round patch


South & East Wales Air Support Unit named wing Devon & Cornwall Police Underwater Search Unit patch



Brighton 'Parks Police' rocker patch 'States of Jersey Police' shoulder patch




If you can help please contact me below

Email me at: Trooperhats

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