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Welcome to my web pages and I hope you enjoy your look around, so put your feet up and see what I have
in my collection. My name is Chris and my goal is to obtain all the current issue US State Police and Highway Patrol hats. If you can help me complete the collection, please see my wants list and get in contact with me.

These pages are about only part of my hobby on collecting Police Insignia, and that is collecting US State Police & Highway Patrol Headgear. This started in the car park of Grove City Outlet Mall, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. where I convinced a Pennsylvania State Trooper to part with his trooper hat for a UK Police Helmet. I have added images of the collection, and so invite you to have a look and if you see anything not quite right, please email me. More over, if you have a State Trooper hat that I need in my collection and you are willing to trade, sale or donate it, please email me. I am sure we can sort something out. I have also added images of my UK Police helmet collection and Australian Police bush hats, again, so if you can help me obtain what I need, please contact me. Whilst viewing the pages, just click on the images to see larger versions, and with the Highway Patrol hats, also more images.

One of my other passions, include my collection of UK Police Sweater Patches, for which I write in the American publication PC News, and have published a book on - details are below in how to purchase it.

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Collection of United States State Police / Highway Patrol Headgear
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Various Police Hats in my collection
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Collection of Ceremonial Helmets of the Royal Caribbean Police Forces
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